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Acer Aspire 5920 a stylish player in average class 
Published 2007/10/30
Article Rated: 1.00

It's very hard to surprise a modern consumer willing to buy a portable PC; there are enough original offers today in sale, and practically each producer has in assets a row of unique devices with attractive design. Such devices are assisting by Acer - a Ferrari model row is well known on our market. But such notebooks are not available to everybody so while the next model row renovationmain the main stress was made on exterior.

Acer Aspire 5920

Processor Intel Core Duo T7300 (2,0 GHz)

Operative memory 2048 MB

Built-in flash memory (Turbo Memory) 1024 MB

Chipset Intel 965PM Express

Screen 15,4" WXGA(1280×800)

Screen brightness, max/min 160–25 cd/m²

Hard disk 160 GB

Graphic adapter NVIDA GeForce Go 8600 MGT

External connectors USB 2.0 (4), D-sub, HDMI, RJ-45, RJ-11, Express Card, FireWire

Network possibilities 1 Gb LAN, Wi-Fi

Built-in Web-camera 0,3 Mp

Card reader SD/MMC/MS/xD

Battery lithium-ion, 4800 mA·h (14,8 V)

Time of work with batteries, mode of reading/maximum loading ~ 4,2/1,5 h

Mass 3,16 kg (with full-fledged battery)

Size (W×D×H) 368×280×45 mm

Preinstalled OS Windows Vista Ultimate

Retail price $1600

Warranty 12 months

Original design; good equipment and ergonomics

Mediocre display; Bluetooth absence

Beautiful notebook with not bad equipment, which has all chances to become one of the best sellers in its market sector - but screen leaves much to be desired

It became known about the existence of some design concept-project with the code name "Gemstone" long ago - first mentions about it appeared as far back as the beginning of March this year. Photos looked highly up-and-coming, but in retail the first devices were half a year later. However, it was worth waiting for this time Acer has obviously done the step ahead in that, what concerns quality and exterior of its products.

The main in new series of portable PC from Acer is design, on which worked the subdivision of BMW company (BMW Group Designworks USA). It specializes on industrial design and in the list of its clients are numbered such grandees as Nokia, Siemens, Adidas, Motorola, Boeing and others. This is a wholly thought-out step: if on that or other reason it's hard to achieve required result by own force, it is necessary to attract the professionals. In such approach there is one more plus - aside from Ferrari the Acer name in car context will now be associated also with BMW that wholly can attract the new clients, who were not pleased by the platform from AMD (the interesting moment - as AMD is one of the command F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro sponsors, so Intel in its turn is sponsor of the BMW Sauber F1 command). Highly successful market movement, the only "but" - an external stylization in spirit of car-racing theme by representatives of Gemstone row is absent.

However, designers from BMW have honestly worked out each dollar - Aspire 5920 noticeably differs from accustomed classical laptop. The round forms, an original upper lid made of transparent plastic, stylish keyboard and touchpad decor, good ergonomics and details work out - a novelty extremely stands out on the background of previous 15-inch notebooks of the company, moreover, to the best side - it's wholly possible to call it one of the the most ingenious representatives of this type-size.

Apart we wanted to stop on original designer's discoveries - an upper lid made of transparent plastic with substrate makes an impression of volume, and the logotype of series is like "soaring" above the notebook surface. Additionally such a material is less afraid of the scratches, than popular now glossy varnish covering - small damages here is possible to easily polish. The second moment - an unusual keyboard and touchpad decor with curves, idiomatic forms absolutely do not influence on ergonomics, but the notebook looks more original with them. Especially aptly a luminous supply indicator line passing from display to key of the cut-in was made.

Device's ergonomics is one of best in its class. All the main ports are taken out on the left panel: three USB 2.0, network and modem wall-plugs, D-sub, HDMI, S-Video Out, FireWire and ExpressCard slot. On the right we placed only optical drive and one USB-port. To disadvantages of the arrangement is possible to refer taken out on frontal panel audio slots, but multiformat cardreader and analog loudness regulator there are more appropriate. The keyboard is full-fledged and rather comfortable and touchpad differs by big field of cursor management and not bad accuracy of positioning.

Keyboard and touchpad decor looks greatly stylish with the help of curves

Unfortunately, modernization did not concern the display. The supplier of matrixes should have been changed in the first place, as by quality of picture Aspire 5920 even representatives similar by format of the budgetary sector with the price $800-900 go around. On hand the lighted halftones and uprated color temperature (the cold tones dominate in the image), big light spots on black field, mediocre color transmitting and small corners of review. All that is possible to refer to positive moments is a good range of brightness regulation and not bad speed of the panel.

The equipment is wholly dignified - a powerful processor, more then sufficient RAM volume and hard disk, full set of network interfaces, acoustic system with subwoofer and the most interesting - a new NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600 MGT videocard. Productivity, naturally, is on the top. Especially we wanted to note the fact that this is the first notebook with video adapter of the eighth series from NVIDIA, to get in our Test laboratory. By results of express-testing, the speed in 3D is approximately at the level of the best portable PC, equipped by NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 that causes a certain perplexity - there is an accelerator of new generation, but there isn't practically any increase in productivity. But this is while a preliminary conclusion, the final verdict we shall be able to make only when we get several notebooks with such videocards.

To sum it up, it's possible to say the following: Acer made a really interesting laptop - a stylish design, not bad equipment and the quality of assembly, good ergonomics. Wholly solid set, the only miscount is a display. Such a screen is appropriate in not expensive office PC, but not in universal model, which on the rest parameters fits in on the role of compact home DTR-system.

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