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Sony VAIO VGN-SZ4 there is only one step to ideal 
Published 2007/10/30
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Sony notebooks have always been famous for prominent characteristics - this is the one of a few companies, which manages to do beautiful laptops, combining in itself excellent mass-size characteristic and record time of autonomous work,especially in the class of compact devices. Not so long ago we've written about extremely interesting Sony VAIO VGN-SZ340P15 laptop with two video cards and highly small for such a formfactor mass - 1,86 kg. But as it turned out, this's not a limit for the engineers of the company.


Processor Intel Core Duo T7200 (2,0 GHz)

Operative memory 2048 MB

Chipset Intel 945PM Express

Screen 13,3" WXGA(1280×800)

Screen brightness, max/min 180–25 cd/m²

Hard disk 120 GB

Graphic adapter Intel GMA 950 NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400

External connectors USB 2.0 (2), D-Sub, RJ-45, RJ-11, ExpressCard, FireWire

Network possibilities 1 Gb LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Cardreader SD/MMC/MS/xD

Battery lithium-ion, 5200 mA·h (11,1 V)

Time of work with batteries, the mode of reading/maximum loading ~ 4,1/1,9h

Mass 1,68 kg (with a full-fledged battery)

Size (W×D×H) 315×235×32,6 mm

Preinstalled OS Windows Vista Business

Retail price 16 616 ukr. money

Warranty 12 months

Pleasing design; good equipment and time of autonomous work; excellent display; two video adapters; small mass

Only two USB ports

As before, the best 13,3-inch notebook on our market

It would seem, during further perfection of one of the best representatives of 13,3-inch laptop class VAIO VGN-SZ340P15 user could reckon for any event development - a transfer on a new platform, design change, functionality extension... But Sony solved otherwise. Design has been left practically the same, only color gamut has changed, equipment and material of the body. The dark colour turned out to be highly appropriate for office model using (contamination practically is not seen on it, which were distinctly viewed on the light surface of SZ3), but equipment changed literally in triviality. But material of the body is a main innovation in SZ4. Due to carbon filament use the laptop became lighter nearly 200 grams - an imposing numeral, particularly if bethink that SZ3 mass was more then acceptable. Strictly speaking, if to forget about size, then the novelty is wholly possible to refer to ultra portable model class - anyway, by a negligible margin it's more popular than 12-inch devices.

The rest was not touched - ergonomics is still on the top, interface connectors' amount and location are close to ideal. There are some disadvantages - only two USB-ports and external reader for xD/SD/MMC cards in performance of ExpressCard while is present built-in for MS. Though here Sony is possible to be understood - it traditionally supports it's own format, and the fact that the rest in general took were taken care, deserves certain thanks. The display is also without change - this is former best matrix of alike mass-size, well known to us by SZ3 and equally suiting for any problems, from office to multimedia and for work with photo- and videomaterials. There is a unique in its sort ligament of two video adapters available - built-in Intel GMA 950 and NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400. Moreover, switching to Stamina mode, when built-in video is used, automatically turns on scheme of maximum energy saving.

Installation of less powerful processor, than predecessor had, at all did not tell on notebook possibilities - sooner SZ3's capacity was surplus. But the reduction of the hard disk volume to 120 GB (in our configuration) won't please everybody - what the practice shows, there's not much of free place. What about software, that here most important is a transfer to a new operating system - Windows Vista. Well this or bad is to solve a buyer. So, all that is possible to rank to the new VAIO SZ4 disadvantages, is a poor complectation - there's nothing more except device and BP, that a bit does not correspond to so high price category.

External xD/SD/MMC card reader in Express Card performance, that is not always so comfortable

The main trump of SZ4 in contrast with its committed predecessor is concluded in reduced mass. To the person, not familiar with this point of issue a couple hundred grams may look like triviality, but all this is not so simple - the question is about a full-fledged office portable PC, equipped with a full-format battery and in total weighing only 1,68 kg. This is not just worthy result, but already a game in the area of ultra portable models, which are often noticeably heavier although they're equipped by display with 12" diagonal and less. The only that they can oppose to Sony SZ4 - is approximately twice smaller cost. However, otherwise their aquisition would be inadvisable. So unpardonable intrusion in "alien" sector in performance of Sony is a worried alarm of the rest producers. The proof of that it's wholly possible to create a powerful and at the same time really light and thin notebook is highly real - it can be bought in the shop. Willy-nilly they'll have to be tightened to standard, which now assign Sony, or to lose in the market fight, for the rivals won't wait. But for usual consumer all this is only a profit - a wealth of the choice has always led to the reduction of the price. But what concerns considerable cost of the subject of our review, then here follows to say the only - being a leader in determined segment of market, it's wholly possible to afford dictating the price that Sony does.

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