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Types of English Language 
Published 2006/3/1
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The term British English is used to discern the quality of written English language in United Kingdom from other varieties of written English language. This term is used by Americans to refer to spoken versions of English used in England, whereas British people tend to say that they speak English and the rest of the world speaks English with an accent like Canadian accent, American accent or Indian accent. The term does not exist in a Britisher’s vocabulary. Although the Americans refer to English spoken outside America as British English, a more apt term to use would be Commonwealth English.

The formal form of written English used in United Kingdom, referred to as British English, is taught in schools and is universally knows as Commonwealth English. It has a slight emphasis on a few words that are localized. After all the uniqueness and claims by British that they speak “English”, dialects and their variants are evident within the United Kingdom. Substantial differences can be found in the way the language is spoken in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Even parts of England have varied dialects for the spoken language.

History of London dating to 9th century AD made the language spoken in London and East Midlands, the official and standard language. This form of English was accepted for use in the government branches of literature, education and law. English has long since gone through extensive overhauls as any other language of the world. The first ever dictionary to recode British spellings was published in 1755 as Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language.

The widespread use of the English language around the world is attributed to the might of the British Empire which once ruled many parts. The influence of English on these parts was predominantly the English used by the British ruling class. This English is the English used in south eastern England (in London), the main university towns of Cambridge and Oxford. This changed in the later part of the 20th century when United States dominated the world arena due to its military, economic and political dominance. The most prominent form of English spoken today all over the world is American English. This has come about due to widespread distribution and high acceptance of the culture of United States made popular through its cultural products like books, music and films.

The teaching of English in schools all around the world still revolves around British English especially in India, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Singapore, American English has made inroads into the schools of China, Japan and other Asian nations. The countries which have British English taught in their schools have a deep cultural influence of English spoken in the United Kingdom.

English language enjoys the status of being the official language of many countries although not many speakers of these countries speak English. This came about due to the dominance and cultural influence of the British Empire in 18th and 19th centuries followed up by economic, military and political influence in the late 20th century to the current period. This has caused English to be learnt at least as a second language in most schools of the world because of its requirement in most occupations including airlines, cinema, internet, science and varied others. Thus English has become the third most spoken language in the word with about 400 million speakers, coming only after Chinese and Hindi

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