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Golden mean: wide-frame business-notebooks with 14" diagonal 
Published 2006/12/26
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We need to suppose that there is not any necessity to extend on the subjects of approached notebooks' boom on the market this time.The majority of us have already excellently felt this by themself, someone finally gained the laptop, someone, accordingly, has sold them several times more, than last year... well but experts of the Test laboratory note vastly increased flow of the requests to help with the choice of mobile PC. So, today we'll see what market offers for those who needs a notebook to play the role of the universal worker instrument, both in office and in the way.

The most broad-minded (or taught by bitter experience) amateurs know well to give the advices: when choosing anything the personal preferences go out on the first plan, better quickly go away and give the buyer full freedom in actions. The maximum that is possible to afford in such situations is to admonish aquisition of undoubtedly low quality goods; but gosh you perish balk obtrude the own standpoint - afterwards themselves turn out to be in fault. Additionally, practically everybody know very well and long ago, where can wind the way, covered by good intentions...

Strictly speaking, to what we incline: the aquisition of notebook because of a big amount of presented criterions of the choice and importance of made capital investments, always has been and remains the thing not simple, requiring from the buyer significant expenses of time and power including as theoretical both practical preparation. But advices in given sphere from the own experience on check can turn out to be completely unappropriate; every user has his own opinion about what must be an ideal laptop and it quite not will comply with your without a fall.

So in given testing we have on purpose solved to be limited only by the one of the ensemble of the laptop classes. The devices were chosen of business directivity (the powerful processor, capacious hard disk, universal optical drive, presence of wireless interfaces), however herewith possessing mass not more than 2,5 kgs and equipped by 14-inches wide-frame display. The majority of the models with alike features fall into price category of $1300-2000 that well comports with our beliefs about optimum correlation of price/power/possibility for modern notebooks.

The accent on display with correlation of the sides 16:9 (16:10) was made not accidentally. In our opinion, the notebooks with so proportions are more attractive than traditional models, as they are more suitable in treatment. However, there was told much about real and hypothetical advantages of alike laptops on the pages of our publishing so be on the safe side we'll mention about defects: wide-frame display is less efficient in viewing photo- and video-materials with traditional correlation of the sides (that is enough obviously), as well as with working in text editor and Web-browser. Moreover an expressed regularity is tracked - the smaller diagonal of screen, the more is felt such an inconvenience, on the contrary, the broad proportions for monitors with big diagonal will be only greeted.

But what concerns the restrictions on diagonal size and maximum mass, then they were given because of purely practical considerations. What follows from aforesaid, not everybody finds the work comfortable with broad screen with diagonal only 12"; besides, these notebooks are not equipped by discrete videoadapters that limit their using. But 15-inches - their models are most often very gabarit - their mass usually approaches to the mark of 3 kgs, but this is too much for frequent trips.

So, exactly the given class of notebooks seems us the real golden mean, by the optimum image combining in itself ergonomics, compactness, comparatively small mass, sufficient power and functionality, as well as wholly reasonable price. If you agree with this statement, then we can hope, that our further recommendations and findings from given testing will be useful for you; but for those who by some reasons won't prefer "broad diagonal", we advise to hurry with the choice, because an amount of offers of 14-inch models of traditional formfactor on the market vastly decreased at last time and continues rapidly decrease every day.

How we tested

As usually while testing notebooks, from the objective parameters first of all we were interested in the time of the autonomous work and only in the second turn capacity, as it depends on platforms and components, but the last at the choice of the variants of complectation is possible to vary in that or other limit. The first factor we measured with the help of BatteryEater'05 package in mode Classic (full loading) and Reader (the imitation of the reading of electronic book), the second - in test PCMark04.

However in practice often appears that while choosing notebook these features leave on the second plan. In the first place for user is important quality - both the whole device, and its component parts. That's why we pay great attention to an estimation of a display, keyboard and touchpad, because exactly from quality of these three components depends first of all productivity of the work with device. Also we shall consider apart the rest particularities of each model - its equipment, location of interfaces and ports, completation (including SW) and revealed nuances under test usage.

On the basis of all these criterions we'll judge about the chances of each notebook to be chosen on role of daily worker instrument.

Acer TravelMate 3222WXMi

All devices of TravelMate series are executed in similar "folio"-design, which is necessary to be acknowledged rather ingenious. The classical color gamut does not attract spare attention and adjusts on serious work.

The Platform Intel Centrino (Sonoma), on the base of which notebook is created, in many means defines the most important its features such as capacity and time of the autonomous work. Aside from standard components, here is installed the discrete videoadapter ATI Mobility Radeon X700, which will allow from time to time to play modern 3D-games.

Acer TravelMate 3222WXMi – not bad results, but not good screen

14-inches display of device is possible to name typical, it "does not catch the stars from the sky", however possesses the necessary qualities for comfort work - first of all it is the optimum values of maximum and minimum brightness. As for majority of other notebooks in testing, corners of the review, color transmitting and time of the response of display are more mediocre; however, at this moment we will surely consider particularly while summation.

The keyboard TravelMate 3222WXMi is made rather original. First of all it concerns its forms - the engineers from Acer have gone away from classical rectangle in favour of ergonomical (and looking more stylish) arc. It's hard to say to what extent such a design is better than usual, particularly if for long years of the work beside you have haved time to be worked out steadfast habit to the last, however at set she as minimum does not deliver some essential inconvenience that already well. Other curious particularity of the keyboard, emphasizing business orientation of notebook, are chosen keys under symbols of the money units $ and . Touchpad is suitable and is whetted; the buttons and four-controlling joystick of the rolling of the censures do not cause.

On the site the company-producer put curious movie, telling about that, as notrebooks pass the set from 13 tests on reliability. For its part, can only confirm the high quality of the assembly device. The particularity of the accomodation component is an absence port USB with right sides - their in general whole two. But here is radiator of the system of the cooling is set up just on shift to the right side. Air eaters on bilge of the body portioned so with device possible without problems to work, having placed it on knee. The keys of the cut-in wireless relationship Wi-Fi/Bluetooth are executed original, however unlike mechanical switches with a fixation can be actuated accidentally.

Completing of notebook is standard, possible note realy that not bad set of software - Acer eManager (adjustment and configuration), Acer GridVista (the utility for more efficient work with wide-frame display), CyberLink PowerDVD, NTI Backup NOW! and NTI CD&DVD-Maker.

Time of the autonomous work of notebook is found on average level (under full loading), but in mode of the reading he functioned more three hours - a good result. Capacity rather high.


This model immediately produces the strong impression by its exteriors - a lid from polished aluminum, aside from giving of additional toughness screen, else and fine looks at oneself, in combination with decorating of the colour shampan particularly. However in contrast with some rival notebook looks rather massive.

The system is built on the base of the platform Intel Centrino, in our copy is installed processor Pentium M 740. The display of notebook made happy the broad range of the regulation to brightness, as well as rather decent quality of the scene, and that not for many "notebooks" screen characteristic of, high velocity to reactions. Else a little little more corners of the review, and was practically ideal. Apropos, exists the variant this notebook with glossy display though, on our opinion, he suits for functioning on the strength of weak protection from glare and reflections less.

ASUS W3H00V – Solidity, style, not bad factors in test and qualitative display

The spreading of the keyboard ASUS W3H00V is close to ideal, with her pleasantly and comfortwork; single, to that possible nag, - a spare key "< >" near left Shift has greatly reduced the length last (see, she is used when adapting in the other country or region). Big and very suitable touchpad allows to abandon to mouse, practically not losing in ergonomics herewith.

On left and right edges is found keys of the quick start, unhooking Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and touchpad, reproduction management CD AudioDJ (this function works and without loading OS). The location of the optical drive differs from majority of the models of the other producers - here he on the left. We shall note presence immediately two interfaces wireless relationship on short distances: Bluetooth and IrDA. The developer also prudent abandoned to accomodations on bilge of the body air eaters so laptop possible liberally put on soft surfaces, not fearing overheat. In total general impression mildly spoils only revealled by us in testable sample slack storage battery.

In box with notebook possible to find rather solid "bonuses": bag for its carrying and small wireless mouse, receiver which built-in in device itself. Software comprises of itself package Norton Internet Security and branded utilities: ASUSDVD, ASUS Live Update, ASUS Utility (in she enters the program to optimization and control energy consuming Power4 Gear, "lace trims" BIOS WinFlash and monitoring the system Probe).

Notebook has demonstrated get prettier power and very not bad time of the autonomous functioning. The truth, the last is reached not unassisted original adjusting the system energy saving: when feeding from battery clockrate CPU even under high load did not rise above importances 1,33 GHz.


The new model T1 Express Dual from korean producer belongs to to categories UltraSlim, and really, thickness of notebooks - whole 21,5 mm. Executed in decorating piano black, he produces an impression and can be a stylish attribute, emphasizing image its owner.

In base of the models prescribed new platform Intel Centrino Duo. The miscellaneous equipping also under become - what costs at least adapter Bluetooth new generation (BlueCore 4). Else from unaccustomed while component shall note the progressive slot ExpressCard/34 and scanner fingerprint, executed on technologies TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

LG T1 Express Dual – bright appearance and not more prominent results, here is only display mildly bad

The screen of notebook - with glossy covering that perfects saturation a colour, however can cause the glares, specifically observable on dark background. As a whole its quality average, but as for model with multimedia function, on our glance, not quite enough maximum brightness.

Touchpad is big, broad and suitable. Traditional for keyboard notebooks LG is a joining of the keys Delete and Insert, for the rest she standard and does not cause the censures.

The original particularity for us became presence on keyboard of the key of the surge of the carriage of the optical drive. One more particularity - with keyboards possible to choose the state of working systems of the cooling of notebook. Has surprised the reaction of notebook on striking the button Direct Media in switched off condition - we calculated to see start of some system of the reproducing the multimedia files without boot OS, in practice has occurred the custom tailoring laptop with automatic start DVD-player from CyberLink, falling into kit ON (possible, this inherent only testable pre-sold sample).

On delivered ON costs to stop in detail, since amongst other user are offered packages Norton Antivirus and already mentioned CyberLink PowerDVD. From branded software we shall note the advanced managerial system energy consuming BatteryMiser, as well as utility for simplification network adjustment IP Operator.

The accomodation port and connector in T1 Express Dual is executed quite well. Not the most ingenious, but inevitable compromise - air eater on the left on bilge. Worht once again to emphasize the absence in notebook PCMCIA-slot, which in new system is gradually displaced ExpressCard. However amount of the cards of the extension for new standard while small - follows to take into account this at choice given to models.

And power, and time of the autonomous functioning T1 are found at a rate of above the average moreover the last factor in mode of the reading in general puts the record of the testing. This is the processor Intel Core Duo reached by using with lowered energy consuming (L2300) and battery raised to capacities.

The model LW40-PAXR Express bes present at the market already not first day and has haved time to to like the many buyer - to account of the combination of the ingenious classical design, good equipment, not bad factors to power and time of the autonomous functioning. Now us have a chance to value its attractiveness in light of the appearance of the new systems on following generation of the platform Intel Centino.

The variant to completing LG LW40-PAXR is equipped by powerful processor Pentium M 770 (2,13 GHz), 1 GB RAM and videoadapter ATI Mobility Radeon X600.

LG LW40-PAXR Express – Express - a powerful processor, but quickly squanders charge to batteries

The screen of notebook - with glossy covering, maximum brightness low, but satisfies the necessary minimum in 120 kd/m2. The corners of the review, either as for other models in test, leave to want best, on average level also time of the response, but then color transmitting comparatively not bad.

Aside from usual for LG specifics - a joinings Insert and Delete in one key, some claim to keyboard no, shall note only presence of protection from penetration of the liquids inside the notebook. Does not cause the censures and touchpad - it's suitable and fine executes their own functions.

To particularity of the accomodation component refer absence USB-port on right side of the body (one on the left, two behind). Additionally beside this no PCMCIA-slot, in presence only connector of the new generation - ExpressCard/34. The Set of software alike with such beside models T1 Express Dual so apart stop on him not shall.

The design carriage is thought-out and allows in the future easy to produce upgrade main component: memories, HDD, wireless of the adapter, optical drive. All of these are a locked own lid and if required are they easy extracted, not requiring stripping whole notebook. Air eater systems of the cooling although and are put on bilge, but rather compact and is located in the corner body so work with laptop on knee will hardly cause some problems with its warm-up cut.

There was strange if equiped so by powerful processor model has demonstrated other result in test of the speed, however this tells on time of the autonomous work.

MSI MegaBook S425

The company MSI for the reason reinforcements brand conducts rather aggressive price politician on our market, in which row expert even keep an eye on the signs of the dumping. That's , final user this only on hand, and low price under worthy equipment device to series MegaBook is one of the main argument under their choice.

In contrast with some device in given testing notebook seems rather massive. Appearance to us on test the copy produces the inconsistent impression, which possible express the phrase ''too much mixed". Here and enough allegory on lid, and black-white-red color gamut... however, color registration possible to choose when buying, to say nothing of that that whomever such combination and likes.

MSI MegaBook S425 – Too motley design, for the rest much quite well

The model S425 is run for platform Centrino (Sonoma), our variant to completing is supplied by processor Pentium M 740 (1,73 GHz). From particularities we shall note presence both slot PCMCIA, and ExpressCard (the truth, stub last is extracted with some labour). Well, but for amateurs of the computer plays is here installed discrete videoadapter NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 TurboCache.

The screen of notebook made happy first of all good corners of the review, however to account of the using to glossy panel of the advantage from this several fall - at look at it not under normal angle are clearly seen reflections. Else from defect - not too even highlighting, but for the rest - high brightness, good time to reactions - a display beside MegaBook S425 much and not bad.

The keyboard has no some nuances unless turn attention on Enter single height. But here is touchpad was shown us executed not too qualitative, sooner whole, this particularity of the assembly of the concrete copy.

Near by logotype NVIDIA on front panel is present also sticker Dolby Home Theater - a certificate of the using audiocodec HD Audio from Realtek, differring big amount of the innovations in contrast with old AC'97-codecs. So, turn on itself attention to integrated technologies Dolby Headphones, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Digital Live. They most certainly will make glad the amateurs of the good sound when viewing film.

Aside from already mentioned presence immediately two slots PC Card - PCMCIA and ExpressCard, some particularities in accomodation component no. Either as for many other models, on bilge of the body is put air eater and systems of the cooling. In kit of the supply, aside from standard set, enter the small optical mouse and special napkin for cleaning of the screen.

The result in testing of capacity and time of the autonomous work - on average level.

RoverBook Navigator W400 WH

RoverBook Navigator W400 WH – an excellent combination of quality, equipment and productivity under available price

Under the first look at this model appear some assotiations. If it be supervised more attentive, becomes clear that on its carriage she as two dripped water looks like above-mentioned MSI MegaBook S425. The external differences are concluded in calm color gamut and more modest logotype on lid display. The price beside these two devices also practically alike.

Again describe the particularities one and same construction, probably, sense no; we shall note only that beside RoverBook is absent the problem with installation of touchpad, noticed by us in MegaBook S425. This once again confirms long ago known fact that regardless of some estimation or testing quality assemblies of the concrete copy of notebook can vary even beside one and same producer so at choice device any brand without fall costs as minimum to subject to its visual checkup on subject, slots and so on. However, once again we'll mention, the given model from RoverBook is collected on "fine".

Completing the models similar, in this instance to notebook is also enclosed branded optical mouse. The set of software also nearly did not change. Not surprising, as result in test of the speed and time of the autonomous work practically alike and are found on average level.


The new line of notebooks from Samsung is executed in updated ultramodern design and accustomed silver-black color gamut. Together with that, in contrast with past concept, body to models X11 was shown us several angly, too big cutting of its outline. However, design - a deal of the taste, and even amongst engineer of the Test laboratory of the opinion on cause of appearance this notebook divided; but here is using as material of the body of the strong magnesium alloy can not be not greeted.

Samsung X11 – Remarkable capacity, else better screen and more capacious battery

As relies on the new model, it is run on the base of the most latest platform Intel Centrino Duo with binucleus by processor Core Duo T2300. However developers Samsung have not forgotten to equip it and other notable particularity such as discrete videoadapter NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 with technology TurboCache and module wireless relationship Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.

The display of device is similar to such beside many rest participant, its typical particularity are low maximum brightness, rather limited corners of the review and average time to reactions of the matrix. To dignity of the screen refer natural issue flesh-colored tone.

But here is keyboard uniquely worht praising for thought-out approach to spreading - here and dubbed on both sides key Fn, and aptly located Windows-keys. Remains only to want to do Enter height in two rows, as on desk device. To broad touchpad claim us have no, it is executed neatly and works exactly, but buttons are easy pressed.

From particularities we shall note that in spite of support company Samsung (with Sony) of the cards to memories Memory Stick, built-in card-reader provides work and with the other standard. The storage battery device is equipped by branded system of the checking without enabling PC - having pressed on special button, on highliter indicator easy to define the degree of its category. By means of combinations of the keys Fn+F5 possible to switch off the highlite of the screen if it is necessary be not for long distracted from work with notebook, but on Fn+F10 - translate it in "calm" mode that at miscellaneous of the sort meeting and counsel comfortable.

For viewing media files without loading OS is intended system AVStation Now, button of its call works as well as in ambience Windows. In general as to software, that here X11 there is than boast- Norton AntiVirus, CyberLink PowerDVD plus mass branded scrap, helping user in adjusting the system in different situation.

The ports and interfaces on perimeter of the body are put enough aptly, and under their use is hardly appeared some problems. Air-eater systems of the cooling portioned on bilge, to account what with notebook possible boldly to work, holding it on knee, - will not bring about overheat. Some particularities to completing beside H11 no.

That's, new platform and powerful binucleus processor has demonstrated record power; however to account "half" batteries results test of time of the autonomous functioning turned out to be lower, could be. However, this not difficult correct, gain in addition battery to greater capacity.

About experimental Samsung X1 we already wrote and for expired time have not changed its opinions: under the whole its originality accustomed style functioning when turning on X1 to come fundamentally to change. However, some users only greet such sort an innovation and unusual discoveries of the producers, since this, on essences, single way for them somehow to stand out on background sister device from rival; but unusual, conceptual notebook wholly capable to emphasize non-standard image of its owner.

Samsung X1 – more original (and more light) model it is difficult to find though to ergonomics to come to get accustomed

We shall remind the main discriminating line X1: "overslim" design has forced the constructor to abandon optical drive with traditional sliding carriage, and here he is located on internal panel, directly to screen. The keyboard was herewith got to front edge, but for touchpad place and not at all was sewn on - as device of the positioning is here used mini-joystick. Additionally upper row of the softkeys also happened to to put together, having placed by their group left of alphabetical-digital keyboard. But then thickness of laptop forms whole 23 mms, and looks at oneself he rather striking.

The screen of notebook can boast natural color transmitting though corners of the review and maximum brightness is a bit small. Aside from unusual arrangement, the important particularity given to models, renderring significant influence upon its capacity and time of the autonomous work, is an using the mobile processor Pentium M ULV 733. This model possesses lowered energy consuming and heat emitting, however herewith and clockrate its low - whole 1,1 GHz, and this has imposed its imprint on results of the test of the speed. But then in spite of small capacity of the staff battery, X1 has demonstrated the not bad result in test of time of the autonomous work that in the number of cases can be much more.


Whatever you say, but skills to do the excellent noteboooks beside companies Sony not to deprive. Moreover that characteristic of, this pertains practically to the whole straightedge device VAIO. Really, for such quality and pay happens to several more, than for similar on equipment product of other brand, but here to whom that is more important. However, we little got out of consifdered theme.

Sony VAIO VGN-FJ1SR/B – the most high quality of the performance, additionally excellent time of the autonomous work

Given model is characterized fine (21-33 mms) by body from magnesium alloy. The traditional combination of black and silvery colours, as well as well reconciled outlines create the bright impression a stiletto hi-tech in the whole its beauty.

Much made happy the screen of notebook, executed on technologies X-black, - excellent color transmitting, good range of the regulation to brightness, more acceptable corners of the review. As usually in the event of display with glossy covering, feel it the duty warn about their raised "reflecting abilities" - on dark background can distinctly ooze your person or bright glares from the sources of the light. But all this, probably, the best "notebook's" display in testing.

The keyboard is perfect. However, we have preferred the key Enter duplicated heights, shall say, as beside ASUS, however this already too fine nuances to consider their essential. Touchpad is executed in one stiletto with front panel, works also flawlessly. instead of traditional buttons of the quick start of browser, postal client and t. p. here in presence two programmed keys - S1 and S2.

VAIO VGN-FJ1SR/B - single from all testable device, equipped not only by built-in mike, but also Web-camera, which most certainly is useful when undertaking video-conference. To particularity of the models worth referring also a card reader, maintaining solely varieties Memory Stick that is explained by rack by adherence Sony own format flash cards.

The location of main component, port and interface is well thought-out and questions does not cause. However residing on bilge of the body of the hole for taking away the air better nothing not to overlay, since even when working on table laptop in its left part rather appreciable is warmed. The kit of software, delivered with notebook, beats all records on its amount; even idle time enumeration pre-installed programs with description their main function has occupied quite a few printed places, but it is impossible not to note Microsoft Works, Norton Internet Security and Skype.

Power of notebook it is impossible name prominent, however excellent factor of time of the autonomous functioning in mode of the reading this compensates.

Toshiba Tecra A6-S513

The design of Toshiba notebooks always advantageously differed from faceless models ensemble known rival. Did not become the exception and Tecra A6-S513, appearance which, in spite of rather massive outlines of the body, will hardly leave the potential buyer indifferent.

The given model producer refers to budgetary series, oriented on corporative use, than is explained using the uninuclear processor Intel Core Solo T1300, possessing not record by capacity. However, as we already noted, high speed - often not main criterion at choice of notebook.

The screen leaves much to be desired. Low maximum brightness, "grainness" of the anti-highlighting covering, limited corners of the review - all this speaks of that that producer spared on maximum.

Toshiba Tecra A6-S513 – - branded technologies, but not best capacity and high price

Touchpad square-wave form (with "wide-frame" proportion) was shown us a bit small; however, this single claim. The keyboard also has a row of the particularities - Windows-keys are here stood in right upper corner, but Ins and Del are put on the right on gap; on the left from it why-that sign "~", which is usually found in one row with digital key. Additionally Enter here single height. One word, will most certainly take certain time to get accustomed to this spreading.

But then substrate of the keyboard is protected from on it liquids that quite often is a reason of the referencing the users in service centres. In general, unchallengeable plus for this models is a big amount personified "branded" technology typical of senior models of the straightedge. To he pertains first of all protection of the hard disk: compartment HDD escalated and is amortized, in it is installed three directions meter speedups, and special ON parks the heads of the hard disk when arising dangerous influence moreover sensitivity of the system can tune in.

To the whole other we shall note rather ingenious linking - an accomodation port and connector does not cause the censures, but most often changed completing (the hard disk, memory, wireless adapter) locked own lid that vastly relieves their upgrade as required. From the minuses - realy that particularity of the system of the cooling, its air eater is located on bilge with left sides. Together with that in box with notebook no CD recovering the system, yes and in general kit of the supply is enough.

For provision of protection to information in notebook is installed system to biometric identification of the user - a scanner fingerprint. This good purpose serves the whole set of software from Toshiba - HDLock, Device Lock, Multiple Level Password.

Power to models is found on low level, and time of the autonomous functioning comparatively small.

«Version» IQ Leader 47W

About this models we already wrote, but all within the framework of comparative testing its worth once again to consider more detailed. Additionally for time, the past since moment our first acquaintance with her, some employees to editings have haved time to not on to value all its advantage and defect.

Appearance of notebook possible name officially-business - black-sulfuric gamma and fluent outlines, without some unnecessary tastes. To account of the wedge-shaped profile body seems fine, than there is indeed.

«Version» IQ Leader 47W – an excellent price and not bad results; but would not disturbed discrete videoadapter

The model is built on the base Intel Centrino (Sonoma) and is equipped by processor Pentium M Dothan. All rest completing also it is enough standard so consider their separately sense no.

The screen of notebook is characterized by good spare to brightness, however when working in full darkness can appear the problem - its minimum level is too high. Either as beside majority of the models in test, corners of the review leave to want best, speed factors - on average level.

Made happy the keyboard - on our opinion, practically ideal spreading. The Big key Enter very suitable under quick set of the text; however, without duplication "" after left Shift possible was and dispense - because of this important key of the shift of the register became too short. Touchpad big, buttons are executed in the manner of one integer with metallic frame, framing it, - beautifully and function.

The lid of the screen has no locks. We shall Note presence immediately four comfortable placed port USB, as well as separate connector of the digital output SPDIF. The drumsticks on bilge of the body raise slightly notebook enough high on surface of the table, creating sufficient space under bottom for normal operating the system of the cooling, however when work with him on knee it is necessary to watch to not to overlay air-eater.

Has pleasantly surprised completing IQ Leader 47W: first of all, in it enters rather spacious bag for notebook carrying and all necessary accessory. But having payed the extra a little more $100, possible get else one battery and desk device for its charging.

Time of the autonomous work under full loading a little does not get to two hours; in mode of the reading it has formed 2 h 38 min. Capacity is also found on get prettier the level.

Totals and findings

The most unexpected (and not too bright) by total of our testing became following: screens, installed in many modern notebooks of given class, are characterized it is enough low quality of the scene. It Is expressed this in following: their color transmitting is distant from ideal, vertical corner of the review is extremely narrow, maximum brightness does not exceed minimum of necessary 120 kd/m?, but time of the response rather big. That's, certainly, in a complicated way expect from screen of laptops of the same quality, which show desk TFT-display; additionally row said defect easy to explain, for instance, using in them special overergonomical of the lamp of highlight.

But all models from Sony and ASUS persuasively demonstrate that goodness of the screen in notebook - a purpose is wholly achieved, but device from MSI and RoverBook have shown that this quite unnecessary brings about increase in price. The rest producers cost turn more attention on such the most most important element of laptop, as display.

We shall go, however, to result of the testing. On the basis of qualitative factors and expert estimation by honourable sign "Choice to editings: the best quality" are rewarded notebooks Sony VAIO VGN-FJ1SR/B and LG T1 Express Dual. The first has demonstrated the fine and assemblies, beside its remarkable screen and good time of the autonomous work. The second has put the record on time of the autonomous work under excellent speed - became possible to account of the using the processor Intel Core Duo with lowered energy consuming. Additionally some users most certainly to attract its unusual appearance.

As to sign «Choice of editings: the best buying», that is here defined was more important, however we all have solved to confer its models RoverBook Navigator W400 WH – for goodness of the screen, presence discrete videoadapter, ingenious design and low cost. At choice worth also paying attention to models MSI MegaBook S425 and "Version" IQ Leader 47W - first very similar to got "sign of the choice" model from RoverBook, the second rather attractive due to combination good equipment, compact size and available price; lacks only discrete videoadapter.

It is impossible not to note the world record holder - Samsung X11, equipped by processor Core Duo T2300 and graphic accelerator NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400, demonstrates the impressive level to capacity. Regrettably, half capacity to batteries have brought about low importance of time of the autonomous work, however as compensations possible simply to gain in addition more capacious battery.

The models Acer TravelMate 3222 WXMi and ASUS W3H00V demonstrate approximately equal level to capacity and time of the autonomous work, but difference result LG LW40-PAXR express possible to explain more powerful (and together with that more economical) by processor. Probably, choice between them to reduce to the personal preferences though, as we already noted, beside ASUS all better screen. Well but the most unusual, and herewith the most light notebook in testing became Samsung X1. And though its non-standard arrangement and mini-joystick instead of touchpad require certain re-comprehension a skill work with mobile PC, however more original model you exactly will not find, additionally he has demonstrated quite not bad time of the autonomous work.

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