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Product of the year 2006. Notebooks 
Published 2007/5/22
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The old year on the notebook market is boldly possible to call the most dinamic for the whole history of portable PC existence. The amount of events which in this or that case have influenced on the development of this IT-industry segment impresses - for an incomplete year only Intel has released two generations of binuclear mobile CPU. But for this time the laptop producers not advanced only in their sorts refreshing but they also have tightened the autonomy of the last models to the best factors of the Dothan family representatives. But the most important is that in spite of significant technological changes almost all leading players on the market have noticeably increased the assortment of proposed production - a great deal of interesting appeared devices practically of all classes appeared.

Sony VAIO VGN-SZ340P15

It is an excellent example of ideally made office notebook - light, stylish, productive, with good display and equipment. Sony again has established the plank, to which the rest companies have to yearn. Outwardly VGN-SZ340P15 looks wholly in spirit of VAIO line - an optimal combination of black and silver colours and body design without any excesses. The same is possible to say about used materials - the fingerprints will not remain on rough lid display and an aluminum strap beneath keyboard will not fray under intensive usage unlike the plastic. However the main particularity of notebook is the presence of simultaneously two (!) switchable videoadapters. The first is a standard Intel GMA 950 and the second is a discrete NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 videocard. A very interesting decision which gives a freedom in energy saving management - the Intel GMA 950 in the mode of autonomous office work is used but if notebook functions from the network and demanding to speed 3D-application is launched then it is possible to switch to discrete video.

Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600

The Qosmio G35-AV600 predecessor has excellently shown itself as far back as the last year and we didn't expect lesser from the next model. In Toshiba they understood well that it's hard to search for the good from the good and they weren't going to change design radically,making just a small decor correction - a decorating of the panels in piano finish style they changed the insertions of black dull aluminum on which the fingerprints are practically not marked that releases the user from the need constantly to keep a napkin close. There are fewer changes in equipment - aside from the new platform there are two hard SATA-disks in RAID total volume 160 GB, that is wholly enough even for an average desktop system. There is a suitable optical drive on his place with a frontal boot and a stylish analogue volume controller and Harman-Kardon acoustic system. But the Qosmio G35-AV600 display is the best among multimedia laptops, with greater corners of the review, high colour saturation, good color transmitting and speed factors and particularly impresses the vaalue of maximum brightness - it's more than enough for comfort film review in brightly illuminated accommodation. In accordance with the last modern trends there is a fingerprint scanner installed in laptop: a decision, worked out in corporative sector was realized also in the system with developed entertaining functions. However this is not surprising, after all the model is almost a world record holder with its equipment. So its owner won't feel a lack in configuration whatever would be, but in the desk state of working about you may not worry about a notebook mass.


There are many ways to make a laptop more attractive, but the most popular is an outward guise . The most wide-spread stucco material for expensive image accessories is a skin, so no wonder that for the new ultra portable model S6F decor ASUS has chosen exactly the skin . It is necessary to acknowledge that result is impressing: there are not any wrinkles, glue signs and other untidiness, moreover, not only the upper lid of device is covered with skin, but also the panel under a keyboard, traditionally serving like a stand for wrists. And follows to say that sensations while typing the text noticeably differ from those when work with usual laptop, after all natural skin is much more comfortable for hands than cool plastic. Ergonomics remained on the top - in spite of small size this multifunctional notebook with enough rich set of interface connectors and comfortable input system for given class. Equipment is good too - a capacious ACB, processor Core Duo L2400, 1,5 GB RAM, impressing set is for such size.As a result ASUS made not only stylish and original thing but the thing which emphasizes the status of its owner, but also more productive mobile PC, capable to cope with any office applications.

Samsung Q1

Concept of the Ultra Mobile PC calculations offered by Microsoft with enthusiasm was caught by industry and users. And though the first model release, as for absolutely any new product, was accompanied with the problems in ergonomics and autonomy, today Samsung Q1 is the best representative of UMPC family, about what unequivocally certify successful sales all over the world. The most important - a producer managed to do the final cost of a device wholly identical to its deskside and possibilities.

Usually, talking about UMPC, they're predicted to be used especially: GPS, Web-surfing, multimedia and alike "not serious" areas. But indeed if all producers in the same way relate seriously to new class devices, then their second generation will be wholly capable to repeat (but that and exceed) the success of other mobile companions of the modern person - pocket PCs. And who knows, may be in this case we'll really witness the mass źnew kind of computer" appearance, boon their potential is more than sufficient.

LG T1 Express Dual

The new model T1 Express Dual from korean producer belongs to UltraSlim category and impresses by record in its class thickness - only 21,5 mm. Made in piano black decorating the notebook can be a stylish attribute emphasizing the image of its owner - not in vain it is awarded with a highest Reddot Design Awards 2006 award. User is only required to neatly treat and keep the external panels clean - the scratches and sore spots are easily left on varnished plastic. Productivity and time of the autonomous working of T1 are found at a rate of above the average moreover the last factor in mode of reading in general puts the record in average-size class devices. It's achieved by using the Intel Core Duo processor with lowered energy consumption(L2300) and a battery with heightened capacity which fortunately has not influenced on the notebook mass - only 1,9 kg.

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