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ROLODEX Electronics
Product Description
ROLODEX® Electronics E-Z File Organizer
Store names, addresses, phone numbers and find them instantly. One-touch function keys, alphabetic navigation tabs and on-screen guidance make this the easisest electronic organizer ever.
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Deluxe Game Pack
This is the ideal game pack for the word and numberpuzzle enthusiasts in your life! This deluxe game packincludes the Electronic Crossword Puzzle Solver, The OfficialSCRABBLE® Players Dictionary and Sudoku. Solves the puzzle of what togive the game enthusiasts in your life!
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Deutsch-Englisch Professor PRO
This powerful German-English dictionary provides you with instant access to 2.8 million* entries in German and English! A Merriam-Webster English dictionary and an English thesaurus are included for easy reference.
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Oxford Pagemark™ Dictionary
Introducing the world's most ultra-thin dictionary. Franklin's newest PageMark™ Dictionary is based on the Compact Oxford English® Dictionary and is a perfect gift for students,... more »
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The Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary
This helpful handheld device will be invaluable to players at all levels, whowant to master the SCRABBLE game. It can solve disputes by instantlyvalidating over 100,000 words and providing brief definitions. It also includesother features which enhance SCRABBLE® playing skills. SCRABBLE is a trademark of a Hasbro in the United States and Canada and is used with permission. Franklin The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary - Based on the Merriam-Webster's The Official SCRABBLE Player's Dictionary, 3rd edition, this helpful handheld device will be invaluable to players at all levels, who want to master the SCRABBLE game. It can solve disputes by instantly validating over 100,000 words and providing brief definitions. This patented device includes easy to use features which enhance SCRABBLE playing skills. It builds vocabulary by creating words from letter tiles and finding words from the letter pattern on the board. It provides solutions ranked by score. It adds fun with three challenging word games that can be played on three different skill levels. And it offers easy-to-read large type, on-screen help, automatic shut-off and adjustable contrast control. Requires four AAA batteries.
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